Q – What is the minimum age for enrolling for the weightloss camp?

Ans : Children above the age of 12 may participate in the camp

Q – What is the maximum age for the enrolling for the weihtloss camp

Ans : The maximum age for our guest should be less than 70 years ?

Q – What do I need to bring with me for the camp?

Ans : You need to bring enough clothing, Toiletries, any regular medications that you may be on, your favorite book and that’s all you need to get

Q – Can I bring along my lap top and I pads

Ans :You may get along your Lap top and I pad but you need to try and use them for maximum of 2 hrs a day.

Q – Can I bring along some snack to eat ?

Ans : No please do not bring any snacks or other eatables as we provide all snacks that you require during your weight loss camp with us .