Diet Plan

Healthy Wholesome Diet Plan for Weight loss

Below is an example of diet plan followed at Frolic Boonies Weight loss Camp

The exact diet plan for a person will be provided by the ayurvedic weighty loss consultant based on body analysis  and other factors to facilitate healthy optimum weight loss during the camp.

Each meal will be followed by ayurvedic herbal medications prescribed by the ayurvedic doctor for metabolism acceleration and hormonal imbalance maintenance

Timing Food
Morning:- 6.30 Am 1 cup green tea or Lime juice
Breakfast: 9 Am  Idis with sambhar or Multigrain Dosa with Sambhar or Corn flakes with milk or wheat bread with egg.
In between: 11 Am Butter Milk or a fruit
Lunch: 1 Pm Vegetable Soup
Roti with curry, Curd
5 Pm Healthy oil free snacks with Green Tea or Pudina tea


Soup, Salad
Roti with curry or brown bread sandwich or wheat Upma with vegetables
Ragi dosa with gravy.