How green tea helps in weight reduction

healthy green tea cup with tea leaves

Nowadays many quick fix solutions for obesity have been catching on. Some of them like herbal tea diets, no crab diets etc. get as much following as criticism. One thing that has gained most popularity is green tea. This is because green tea has myriad other advantages apart from their property of enhancing weight loss. Green tea originated in China and other parts of Asia but went on to gain widespread popularity in many parts of the world. Depending upon the climatic conditions and harvesting techniques specific to a place, different types of green tea can now be found. Green tea is made by steaming the leaves of a plant named Camellia Sinensis. Immediately after these leaves dry they are picked, this way the nutritional properties in them are retained.
The main components of green tea due to which it gets its beneficial traits are theophylin,theobromine andsaponins.Theophylline helps in muscle relaxation and improved breathing.Saponins increase immunity and reduce cholesterol. Several researches have been undertaken which proved the many health benefits of green tea. It is said to lower the risk of heart problems and cancer.
Green tea helps in weight loss as it stimulates fat oxidation and also augments metabolic rate of the body. It doesn’t show immediate results but eventually induces the fat burning. Green tea contains a nutrient called Epigallocatechine (EGCG) which boosts the noradrenalin hormone in the body. This results in enhanced fat metabolism and lowering of the appetite.
When compared to fruits, nuts and vegetables, green tea has higher amount of flavonoids, which possess anti-oxidative properties. One particular research done in Japan accurately quantifies the actual weight loss that can be achieved by drinking green tea. Suppose a person decides to take 4-5 cups of green tea a day, he/she would burn off 80 calories by the termogenesis process (Heat generation in living things). This contributes to about 500 calories being burnt in a week; which is actually not much for someone looking to lose weight.
By taking no other steps towards losing weight apart from adding these 4-5 cups of green tea to your diet, you would effectively lose 8 pounds in a year. This may not be a significant amount; but every calorie burnt counts.
Green tea completes a nutritious and balanced diet by giving that required boost to overall metabolism and increases body’s capacity to burn fat.For people unable or incapable of devoting the required time or energy to an exercise regime, green tea is an easy enough thing to add to their weight loss plan. It doesn’t have any side effects as it is totally natural. Apart from weight loss, it has other health benefits too like its anti-carcinogenic properties and ability to keep body temperature constant.
A perfect combination of regular exercise, sensible eating and green tea is a sure shot way to shed those extra kilos. One more thing about green tea is that it regulates blood sugar levels in the body, thereby controlling food cravings, which are ever so common for those on a strict diet.

10 Tips that help you burn 100 calorie extra per day


To lose weight—that has been the motto for many of us but the question still remains not whether we can lose weight but can we do it in a way that does not hamper our day to day life. Many of us will be having jam-packed lifestyles wherein it’s not possible to spare even an hour to ourselves but the aim still remains—to remain fit. Research has shown some simple ways to tackle this obstacle and you won’t need any miracles to get this one right—let’s just see a few simple ways to achieve that huge feat by taking a small step at a time, as in, 100 calories a day, what say?

  • Walking: This by far is the easiest and simplest work out of all the things one can do out there. A mere 2km walk can easily burn a hundred calories but do make sure you walk brisk for that.
  • Breakfast: Eating cereals, which are high in fibre and which are whole grained helps you cut down your calorie intake. You save by not gaining in calories, which itself is a pretty good stratagem.
  • Gardening: Do you have a garden? Studies show that gardening for a while, say 15-20min can show results in losing calories. Not only that, it also helps you relax and focus and gives you a sense of peace and contentment.
  • Dance: This is one of the physical fun exercises one can do; dancing for at least a good solid twenty minutes at a medium rate, can and will do just the trick and you’ll enjoy it!
  • Jump: Yes, jump! That is one sure and simple way to lose calories; whenever you can seize the time and whenever no one’s watching you or even they are and you don’t really bother much—just jump! You jump for like a ten minutes and there you go, a hundred calories already lost!
  • Drink water cold: Now this is one of those things which you can totally, totally do. When you drink water cold, your body has to work so that it can heat the water up and studies have shown that as much as 25 calories are burned in this process per a glass of water. Quite simple, isn’t it?
  • Play: Sports are a great way to lose weight. They tone you up as well and they are mostly fun. A bare minimum time of any of your favourite sport–make sure it’s outdoor, will do.
  • Gym: For those who think of going to gym and those who plan rigorously for a work out and those who simply like the atmosphere, gyming is a great way to handle weight issues.
  • Painting: Now, this may sound funny, but painting actually helps you lose calories! You paint for twenty minutes and you lose a hundred calories. Really.
  • Fresh fruits: If you’re the cookie person, then please avoid those as much as possible and drink or eat fresh fruits instead. You’ll notice the results.



By Sahana.S

There are millions of articles about weight loss, each stating their radical break-through ideas. Some say eat dark chocolate others say don’t, some tell you to compromise on your snacks whereas others believe in small indulgences. All these self-contradicting theories leave you muddled and confused and you often end up believing what you want to believe. I, a chocolate lover, for example, would most probably believe in dark chocolate being a healthy option, and gorge on it.  So, whatever your case there are three fundamental weight loss tips that are undisputedly correct.
But before we get on to it, let’s talk some math. You need to cut down on 550 calories a day over and above your normal exercise (no, that does not include lifting up the remote to change channels) to lose one kg. If you’re seriously considering losing weight I have to warn you that it requires patience and time. You just cannot lose weight by starving, as you will be left energy-less.
The three tips:
This factor is considered least important by most, but there is reason why I’am putting this point first, not just because it comes first alphabetically, but because it’s simply the most important. The whole mind set in which you tackle the idea of losing weight directly affects your results. If you start your weight loss schedule with a frown you’re bound to give up soon.  So, start with the end goal in mind. Imagine how you will look and feel once you have lost weight, and how you can escape being the butt of those politically incorrect ‘fat jokes’. Constantly provide yourself with these kinds of motivators, and believe me, you will succeed not only in losing weight, but also in happiness.
Nowadays this poor four-letter word has assumed a very negative tone. But truthfully it’s very simple. Diet is nothing but the balance of food groups your body requires to function effectively. You really don’t need to have an accounting degree to manage your calories. Keep track of what you eat and more importantly the quantity. Do not completely eliminate any particular food group. Instead, reduce the quantity of intake in every group. Focus on fiber (found in fruits and vegetables) as it helps to keep you full for longer periods of time
There are millions of exercises, all having one common goal of losing calories and keeping your body fit. Exercise doesn’t have to be a boring tedious activity. There are many options; for example, those who love dancing can opt for many dance forms that are brilliant for burning calories like aerobics and samba.  For those who just want to calm down there’s yoga and power yoga. Whatever your hobby is you can convert it into a calorie burner! Even while watching T.V. you can perform simple squats and lunges.
So, forget all those contradicting and confusing tips and remember these three fundamental points. And before you know it, you will achieve that perfect and healthy body that you’ve always wanted.