Detox diet for weight loss

A detox diet is considered the best to get rid of the body toxins that have been accumulated over a period of time. If you are stuck up with your weight losing program and you are searching for a way out, detox diet is the best option. If you regularly feel tired and worn out by the end of the day and if that makes you feel dull, you need to consider detoxifying yourself with a detox diet.
Detoxifying helps to improve your health and protect your body from the various toxins that your body produces regularly. Some researchers consider that the increased use of fiber in the diet can aid the detoxification process. You might also consider taking fiber supplements according to what suits you as it differs from person to person. However, including fiber in your daily diet is what you can easily do. You can choose to take nutritional supplements if you need.
Fiber: A detox diet comprises of large amounts of fruits and vegetables. Most of the meals should contain large salads of vegetables or fruits. They are rich in fiber content and will thus serve your purpose also.
Water: It is advised that you drink plenty of water during the day. This helps in flushing out the toxins from your body and also keeps you well hydrated.

A general pattern
It is better to take a warm fresh lemon juice in the morning. This can be followed by a fiber supplement, in case you are taking any. Generally, the diet comprises of fruits and fruit recipes till midday. From lunch you can take green vegetables in the form of salads, soups and other recipes. However, you can modify it according to your needs, but preferably stick to fruits and vegetables. Meat and other animal products are usually not a part of this diet. You can take organic eggs once or twice a week. Detox diet is not recommended for lifetime, but for few days or weeks in between to remove the accumulated body toxins and give a fresh start to your weight loss program.

Healthy food
Some of the foods that are highly recommended while following a detox diet are:

  • Fruits like apple, pear, banana, papaya, berries, cherries, and melons.
  • Vegetables like carrots, onions, tomatoes, spinach, beet, avocado, celery, cabbage, lettuce and green leafy vegetables.
  • Others like garlic, flaxseeds, olive oil.

Food to avoid
You must be careful about certain foods that are strictly not allowed during this diet. They are,

  • Processed foods
  • Fried foods
  • Meat and animal products
  • Alcohol, sugar, salt and caffeine

Sample meal plan

  • 1 glass purified lukewarm water with few drops of lemon juice


  • 1 bowl fruit smoothie (apple, papaya, strawberries)

In between:

  • 1 orange


  • 1 bowl carrot, celery, cucumber, tomato and avocado salad
  • 3-4 berries

In between:

  • 1 cup herbal tea


  • Few dates, almonds and raisins


  • 1/2 bowl mix vegetable soup
  • 1 bowl mix fruit salad

Physical activity

In addition to this diet, it is advisable that you follow a healthy routine. Exercise plays an important role in maintaining your health and will help you in losing weight as well. You can choose brisk walking, jogging, cycling or swimming for half an hour to begin with.

Weight loss diet for women

With the feminine genetics, hormonal and other factors, you are more likely to gain weight. This also increases your risk for obesity and diseases related to it. In addition to health reasons, maintaining an ideal weight is necessary to have a fit body, look good and feel confident. If you are about to get married, or you are planning for a baby, losing excess weight has its own merits. If you are in the elderly group, losing weight will keep you active and possibly slower you’re aging process.
When it comes to weight loss in women you will find many suggestions. Also, there are many ‘super diets’ available that claim to make you a lose weight within weeks. But you should be cautious while choosing your weight loss plan as you need to consider your nutritional requirements also.

Vital nutrients
Your weight loss plan must include food sources that provide you the vital nutrients. Some of the nutrients important for you are given below.

  • Vitamin DAids in calcium absorption thereby giving strong bones and boosting the immune system.

Food sources: Eggs, fish, sprouted seeds, milk and milk products.

  • Vitamin EEssential for healthy skin and normal reproductive function.

Food sources: Wheat or cereal germ, whole grains, green leafy vegetables and eggs.

  • Calcium – Main mineral in your bones. Calcium deficiency can cause more bone loss and increase the increase of osteoporosis.

Food sources: Milk and milk products, whole wheat, oranges, figs, almonds, leafy vegetables like spinach, lettuce, cabbage etc.

  • Iron – Major constituent of hemoglobin. A deficiency of iron can cause anemia, which can severely affect your health.

Food Sources: Liver, spinach, beet root, raisins, dried beans, green vegetables, whole grains.

  • Folic acid – It is essential for healing process and protein metabolism. Folic acid has to be taken well before conception to prevent possible spine disorders in the baby.

Food sources: Whole grains, nuts, green leafy vegetables, green beans and peas.

Sample meal plan for women

  • 1 glass of milk


  • 1 egg and veggies omelet (yolk removed)
  • 1 slice of brown bread
  • 1 apple


  • 1 slice of baked chicken breast
  • 1/2 cup brown rice
  • 1 bowl veggies salad
  • 1 cup plain yoghurt


  • 1 slice of tuna
  • 1 bowl sprouts with beet and lettuce salad
  • 1 fig

In between:  2-3 nuts OR 4-5 raisins OR 1 glass plain buttermilk

Healthy Lifestyle
Losing weight can take some time, but it should not be detrimental to your health. Also you should be able to maintain it later. Hence, it is advisable to follow a healthy lifestyle and not just a temporary weight loss program.
Physical activity
A weight loss diet plan is not complete without an exercise routine. However, it is better you check your health status before starting any exercise program. You can start with brisk walking for half an hour daily and slowly increase the time to one hour as you are comfortable. If you have been exercising, you can join aerobics, sports or go for cycling.

Weight loss diet for men

Are you ignoring your mounting belly thinking it’s just a normal part of life?  Well, then it is high time you start considering yourself at a greater risk of health problems too. Obesity today is a major concern across the world and it is proved to have a relation with increased risk of heart diseases, diabetes and some cancers. However, there is much that you can do to control your obesity by adopting weight loss measures at the right time.
As men are different from women in their function, behavior and attitudes, they also have different nutritional requirements. You need to maintain a strong, toned body and need muscle mass more than fat. Hence your protein requirement is higher. Also, you need certain vitamins and minerals that help in keeping the male organs (like prostrate) healthy, boosting the sexual and reproductive system, and relieving stress.
Vital Nutrients
Some nutrients that are particularly important to maintain men health and should be consumed on a regular basis are:

  • Proteins: Required for immunity, muscle building and strength. Soy protein particularly has proved to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Food Sources: Fish, eggs, chicken, soy and soy products, tofu, and legumes.

  • Vitamin C: It is essential for body tissues and contains certain phytochemical known to protect against cancer.

Food Sources: Citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, tomatoes, etc green vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, etc, sprouted grams.

  • Omega-3 fatty acids: These are good for heart health and also improve prostate health.

Food Sources: Fish like salmon, tuna, eggs, walnuts, almonds, flaxseeds and soy.

  • Zinc: It influences growth and sexual maturity and lowers risk of prostate cancer.

Food Sources: Seafood like oysters or shellfish, lean meat, legumes, beans and whole grains.

  • Selenium: Deficiency of selenium can cause muscle degeneration, premature aging and possibly increased risk of cancer.

Food Sources: Seafood, turkey, tuna, mushrooms, garlic, vegetables and Brazil nuts.
Sample meal plan for men

  • 2 egg whites with 1 slice of multigrain bread
  • 1 orange


  • 1 Steamed fish with ½  cup brown rice
  • 1 bowl sprouts salad with broccoli and mushroom
  • 1 cup plain yoghurt


  • 1 slice of baked chicken breast
  • 1 bowl sprouts with tomato and lettuce salad
  • 1 apple

In between:

  • 2 Brazil nuts OR 2-3 almonds OR 1 glass plain buttermilk

Healthy Lifestyle
You need to be conscious of your health and consider the need to lose weight seriously. It is in the best interest to lose weight by healthy ways. It is therefore required that you follow a balanced healthy routine at home and office.

Physical activity
Along with a healthy diet you also need to follow an exercise routine. It is advisable to get yourself evaluated before beginning with any exercise program. If you have not done it since many years, it is better you start slowly. You can start with walking or cycling for half an hour daily and slowly increase the time to one hour as you are comfortable.

Weight loss diet for teen girls

Have you secretly wished to have a figure like your favorite thin supermodel? Does that make you feel bad for your overweight body? The good news is that you can lose weight if you adopt certain simple lifestyle modifications.
Weight management is important not just to maintain a good body form but also to prevent the risk of many diseases. While obesity is a major problem amongst teenage girls do not fall for unnecessary and undue dieting options for the sake of becoming thin.

It is a changing phase of your life and the hormones released during this period bring about many changes in your body and mind too. You might gain weight during this phase and there can be excess fat deposition around waist and hips. Additionally, there may be mood changes, which can affect your eating habits also.

Losing weight
While you cannot do much about the natural features, you can certainly do a lot to control the external factors. In order to lose weight, you need to incorporate certain lifestyle changes that will keep you healthy forever. Crash diets or some fad diets are not a very good choice, as they are not helpful in the long run.
Healthy diet – Losing weight does not mean an empty plate for meal.  You can make healthier food choices instead. You need to focus on taking more proteins in order to aid your growing phase and have strong muscles.

  • You can eat whole grain bread, egg whites, fruit and vegetable salads, low fat milk products, unsweetened juices etc.
  • Drink plenty of water, around 6-8 glasses a day. This will also keep your skin healthy and glowing.
  • Carry snack boxes packed with fruits, veggies or crackers from home and refrain from eating outside.
  • Avoid sweets, chocolates, cakes, chips, fast food and sodas.

Physical activity – Diet alone is of no use and you need to be physically active and burn excess calories. Make calorie-burning a habit for the body by adopting a healthy routine.

  • Go for walks or jogging for an hour daily and be active even otherwise.
  • Do strengthening exercises, at least thrice a week which can also give you a flat, toned abdomen.
  • Join aerobics, sports or dance of your choice. This will also keep your mood uplifted and you will be less tempted towards unhealthy food.

Sample meal plans for teen girls

  • 1 apple
  • 1 cup of cereal flakes with milk


  • 1 baked chicken slice
  • 1 bowl cucumber and beet salad
  • ½ cup plain yoghurt


  • 1 bowl of veggies salad
  • 1 piece of tuna
  • 1 fruit

In between:  2-3 nuts OR 1 glass plain buttermilk OR popcorn

Weight loss tips

    • Have realistic goals and take small steps. Shed some pounds every month and keep your program going. Losing more weight in short span is not only temporary but also dangerous.
    • Eat only when hungry. Have healthy food choices at hand. Take small portions of servings.
    • Have friends with similar goals and enjoy losing weight with their company. Go for walks or other activities together and make weight losing equally pleasurable.

Weight loss diet for teen boys

A balanced diet that provides all nutrients in appropriate quantities is what teenage boys really need. Teenage, is still a growing phase and your energy and protein requirement is high. However, if you are really overweight, then you need to adopt certain measures to reduce your weight and also be able to maintain it. It would hence be wise not to get attracted to the so-called ‘instant results’ of weight loss.
Losing weight
Losing weight is not an overnight miracle and there are no wonder remedies for it. Stay away from over claiming diets as starvation is not the solution of your problem. Fad diets may deprive you of vital nutrients and actually make you more unfit. Also the weight that is reduced by such means tends to be regained. You need to follow a weight loss program that is practical and it should also fulfill your daily nutritional needs.
Healthy diet
A healthy diet as per your age requirements suggest that it should be rich in protein, moderate in carbohydrates and low in fat. Your protein requirement is more at this age, mainly for your muscles and your weight should have muscle mass and not just fat. You need to choose healthier alternatives as against rich fats and high-processed sugars.

  • Opt for lean meat cuts, egg whites, fish, and legumes for your protein requirements.
  • Choose to eat whole grain bread, brown rice, fruit and vegetable salads, low fat milk products, unsweetened juices etc.
  • Drink plenty of water. Take water during meals instead of sodas.
  • Pack some nutritious snacks like a fruit, veggies or a wholegrain snack bar when going out and refrain from eating outside.
  • Avoid fast food, sodas and sweets.

Physical activity – Diet alone is of little use if you do not burn excess calories. Adopt a healthy routine of exercise to burn excess calories and build strong muscles.

  • Go for jogging or cycling for an hour daily.
  • Do strengthening and weight training exercises, at least thrice a week. It will make your body strong and tone up the muscles.
  • Opt for swimming or some sports during leisure as against watching television or computer.

Sample meal plans for teen boys

  • 3 egg whites
  • 2 slices of brown bread
  • 1 apple


  • 1 baked chicken slice
  • 1 bowl mixed lettuce, capsicum, tomato salad
  • ½ cup plain yoghurt


  • 1 bowl of veggies salad
  • 1 steamed fish
  • 1 fruit

In between:

  • Sprouts OR 2-3 almonds OR plain yoghurt

Weight loss tips

  • Have realistic goals and take small steps. Losing more weight in short span is not only temporary but also dangerous.
  • Apart from routine exercises, make physical activity a part of your life. Walk or climb wherever possible and keep you body easily movable.
  • Snack wisely and eat only when hungry. Take small portions of servings and eat slowly. Avoid eating while studying or watching television.
  • Have a group with similar goals and keep yourself motivated.