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By Sahana.S

There are millions of articles about weight loss, each stating their radical break-through ideas. Some say eat dark chocolate others say don’t, some tell you to compromise on your snacks whereas others believe in small indulgences. All these self-contradicting theories leave you muddled and confused and you often end up believing what you want to believe. I, a chocolate lover, for example, would most probably believe in dark chocolate being a healthy option, and gorge on it.  So, whatever your case there are three fundamental weight loss tips that are undisputedly correct.
But before we get on to it, let’s talk some math. You need to cut down on 550 calories a day over and above your normal exercise (no, that does not include lifting up the remote to change channels) to lose one kg. If you’re seriously considering losing weight I have to warn you that it requires patience and time. You just cannot lose weight by starving, as you will be left energy-less.
The three tips:
This factor is considered least important by most, but there is reason why I’am putting this point first, not just because it comes first alphabetically, but because it’s simply the most important. The whole mind set in which you tackle the idea of losing weight directly affects your results. If you start your weight loss schedule with a frown you’re bound to give up soon.  So, start with the end goal in mind. Imagine how you will look and feel once you have lost weight, and how you can escape being the butt of those politically incorrect ‘fat jokes’. Constantly provide yourself with these kinds of motivators, and believe me, you will succeed not only in losing weight, but also in happiness.
Nowadays this poor four-letter word has assumed a very negative tone. But truthfully it’s very simple. Diet is nothing but the balance of food groups your body requires to function effectively. You really don’t need to have an accounting degree to manage your calories. Keep track of what you eat and more importantly the quantity. Do not completely eliminate any particular food group. Instead, reduce the quantity of intake in every group. Focus on fiber (found in fruits and vegetables) as it helps to keep you full for longer periods of time
There are millions of exercises, all having one common goal of losing calories and keeping your body fit. Exercise doesn’t have to be a boring tedious activity. There are many options; for example, those who love dancing can opt for many dance forms that are brilliant for burning calories like aerobics and samba.  For those who just want to calm down there’s yoga and power yoga. Whatever your hobby is you can convert it into a calorie burner! Even while watching T.V. you can perform simple squats and lunges.
So, forget all those contradicting and confusing tips and remember these three fundamental points. And before you know it, you will achieve that perfect and healthy body that you’ve always wanted.