Fun Easy Weight Management Program in the Wilderness

Loose Up to 4 kgs in 15 days !!

Frolic Boonies introduces summer weight loss camp for adults and kids at Mudumalai near Ooty. The intension of the camp is to provide participants with an amazing camping experience in the wilderness along with effective diet plan in combination with ayurvedic treatments and yoga that that leads to healthy permanent weight loss. Lot of exiting activities planned throughout the day for maximum enjoyment.

Our motive its to facilitate healthy weight loss while you holiday with us.
Simple and fun activities like bird watching , nocturnal wildlife watching , wildlife tracking, insect collection, kayaking, rafting, yoga that help you burn calories in an enjoyable manner. We also assist you explore wildlife and appreciate the beauty of nature during your  stay with us.

All activities and diet planned by ayurvedic doctors and wellness consultants experienced to provide maximum health benefits and lead to weight loss